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Stop the Swat With Professional Mosquito and Tick Control Services

Warm weather means shorts and flip-flops, afternoon barbeques, days at the lake and yes, fending of mosquitos and ticks. If you want to enjoy the warm weather without the tick itch or fear of mosquitos, invest in tick and mosquito treatment that works. Invest in Mosquito Squad of Oklahoma City.

All-Natural Protection Against Mosquitos

Mosquito Bites

By far our most popular mosquito control option is our all-natural mosquito treatment. This option is safe for plants, pets and family members but lethal for mosquitoes, ticks and other lawn pests. It is made up of essential oils and has a slight floral fragrance that disappears within a few hours of application. This concoction is as effective as other treatments and kills between 85-90% of adult pests on contact. However, unlike the alternatives, it must be applied every two weeks.

Depending on the scope of your infestation, a more aggressive approach might be necessary. Our traditional pest control options may do the trick. Those include:

  • Automatic Misting System
  • Traditional Barrier Spray
  • Special Event Sprays

Aggressive Defense Against Ticks

At Mosquito Squad of Oklahoma City, we utilize a variety of methods to rid yards of all disease-carrying pests, and not just mosquitos. Ticks are another frequent visitor to Oklahoma lawns. Protect your family against the dangers of tick-related diseases such as Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Fever with tick tubes and a traditional tick control barrier spray. The all-natural solution also eliminates adult ticks on contact.

Invest in Mosquito Treatment That Works

The only protection against ticks and mosquitos worth investing in is the protection brought to you by Mosquito Squad of Oklahoma City. Our services are up to 90% effective on the first spray and backed by our money-back guarantee. If you’re not 100% satisfied, we offer a free respray or your money back. Call 405-445-7206 to schedule your free estimate today.

Current Offers

  • $30 off initial treatment for new customers

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