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Additional Services Offered by Mosquito Squad of Oklahoma City

Mosquito Squad employee spraying to get rid of mosquitoes

At Mosquito Squad of Oklahoma City, we’re proud to provide our customers with a variety of insect-elimination services, including our most popular service, Mosquito Barrier Treatment. However, the following outlines a few of the additional services you might not know we offer:

Tick Control

Not only have Oklahoma-area ticks been connected with Lyme disease, but the locally-found Lone Star tick has also been linked to causing a red meat allergy in humans. To protect yourself and your family from risk of infections, our team offers our effective Barrier Treatment for adult ticks. Our patented solution will significantly reduce the occurrence of these disease-infected pests, protecting your pets and children as they play in the yard.

Automatic Misting Systems

This high-tech solution features a automatic misting system that immediately eliminates or significantly repels mosquitoes, ticks, and other pests from your property through the use of a special misting spray. This system is set to periodically emit a 30-second misting of a special mosquito and tick control solution either automatically or through the use of an included high-tech remote or mobile app you access via your smartphone.

Special Event Treatment

Both of the above additional services by our team are designed for long-term pest control. However, we understand that sometimes you simply can’t wait, such as for an upcoming outdoor wedding or outdoor office picnic. Situations like these, where you need mosquitoes and ticks gone as soon as possible before your guests arrive, is best suited for our special event treatment service. With this, our technicians will arrive at your outdoor venue one to three days before your event and use a highly active barrier treatment on all foliage in and around the event site. This time-release treatment is designed to significantly control mosquitoes and ticks for up to a week. Once dry, it is odorless and unnoticeable by humans.

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